About Thousands of Books

Thousands of Books translates and publishes books in various languages of the world.

Every year, around one million books are published. Thus, our World is a place filled with exciting and interesting books. However, only a very small part of them are translated into other languages. The books for the professionals, for the manias, long forgotten classics; all valuable, interesting and exciting books would remain as “the unreadable” in our current publishing business systems.

Thousands of Books will translate and publish those valuable books. We will seek and select books as well as the ones requested by book-lovers. To start the project, we ask our potential readers to subscribe using cloud funding system. Then with our professional team, we translate, publish and deliver the books to you.

There always is a book for you. Language or cultural differences must not stand between you and your books. We, Thousands of Books will open a way for you and the books you need. Please join us to create a new system for the books and readers.

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